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  • It is advisable for a child to have a cap or hat to wear whilst playing outside during sunny weather.
  • Until a young child can fasten his or her own shoe laces or buckles it is advantageous for him/her to wear slip-on or velcro fastening shoes .
  • When a child wears wellingtons or boots to come to school they should have something to change into at school.
  • We discourage the wearing of trainers and training boots at school and
  • encourage the wearing of shoes.
  • A standard form of dress is smart, serviceable and saves expense in the long run. It prevents competition among both girls and boys in fashions suitable for leisure wear but not for the rigours of school life.

Physical Education

All children wear a white t-shirt, royal blue shorts, white socks and plimsolls or trainers. T-shirts and shorts are available for purchase at school. No jewellery to be worn.

Art and Craft Activities

Plastic aprons are provided for Reception and Year 1 and Year 2 children to wear.  The older children are asked to bring an old shirt or an apron to school to wear.

The children are taught the correct use of resources, but accidents may occur and paint or glue may be spilt on clothes.  The school cannot be responsible for unavoidable accidents.

A child’s name should be marked in clothing which may be removed at school, as this helps us to trace any missing garment.  Unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each term.


Many children wear a watch at school. A pair of small stud earrings are permitted but these must be removed or covered for PE.


School uniform and PE kit can be purchased either online from the Emblematic suppliers or from:

Emblematic Ltd
0191 270 1449