Pupil premium grant - 2013/14

The Pupil Premium Grant for 2013-14 is £55600

How is this money to be allocated?

We strongly believe that our pupils should be competent readers who enjoy and develop a love of books. Funding will enable the school to provide a range of engaging high quality books and reading materials to support those pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. These books and materials will support all pupils within this group from early/emergent readers, reluctant and nervous readers through to competent and confident readers. These resources will support our children as they progress through our reading scheme and beyond

Pupil Premium Teacher Release will be allocated for a half day per week. This will enable each teacher to work alongside our designated coordinator to discuss how best to support pupils in receipt of the PPG (Pupil Premium Grant) This release will enable designated time for staff to discuss the progress and attainment of the pupils and evaluate strategies used to raise pupil attainment in order to Narrow the Gap.
  • Purchase resources to enable teachers and support assistants to deliver intervention strategies to pupils. Enable the purchase of iPads to use with small groups.
  • Provide additional cover to release support to attend training.
  • Provide training  in relation to intervention strategies and review/evaluation of PPG

The remaining funds will be allocated within the staffing budget.

This will enable :
  • The release of the SENCO to coordinate and organise support across the school for all children in receipt of the PPG. This will involve the observation of lessons, evaluation of support staff and intervention strategies. Identification of additional resources required to assist with Narrowing the Gap. Regular reviews with teaching staff  (At least 5 times per academic year.) to monitor progress.
  • Full Time  Teaching Assistant  to provide in class support that enables the teacher to work specifically with identified children. This support will be allocated on a half termly basis to each year group (Y1-6) throughout the year.
  • Employ a teacher for the Spring Term to enable smaller group sizes in Year 6 to boost performance in English and Maths.

In 2014

  • 76% of children of disadvantaged children made expected progress for Writing with 12% making more than expected progress.
  • 88% of children of disadvantaged children made expected progress for Reading with 41% making more than expected progress.
  • 82% of children of disadvantaged children made expected progress for Maths with 35% making more than expected progress.

Evaluating and measuring the impact of Pupil Premium grant Funding

  • Termly monitoring of attainment and progress of children eligible for PPG
  • Review and evaluation through regular SENCO/Teacher consultations.
  • End of year evaluation (Annually) on receipt of RAISEonline data in October
  • Regular reports to Governors throughout the academic year.