Pupil premium grant - 2012/13

Pupil Premium 2012-13 Total £37000

How was this funding used?

Over the course of the year this funding was used to provide smaller groups sizes across the school through the employment of an additional TA.  HLTA and TA support was targeted to deliver specific intervention strategies to help raise attainment across the school in particular with reading and numeracy skills in Year 2.

A teacher was employed over the course of the Spring Term to enable smaller Booster classes to be formed for our Year 6 children in preparation for their Key Stage 2 SATs and allowing teachers to focus on raising the attainment of our pupil premium children in a concerted effort to narrow the gap.

Summary (Information for Parents)

At Key Stage 1

The school has successfully narrowed the gap between school FSM (Free School Meal) pupils and National Non FSM pupils in All National Curriculum Core subjects and Reading. In Maths our FSM pupils for this cohort have exceeded National Non FSM figures.

At Key Stage 2

The gap is narrowing Overall (Reading,Writing & Maths together) and Maths. In Reading our pupils for this cohort have exceeded national Non FSM figures.

In 2013 – 100% of children eligible for FSM achieved expected progress for Reading and Maths; 89% for Writing.

Summary (Information for Ofsted)